this time, Kurt Vonnegut

The Vandals at Sunrise

Kurt Vonnegut and Soren Kierkegaard
scurried down a suburban street
just after twilight
checking for unlocked cars and
stealing all the sunglasses
tucked in fancy compartments
above the dash.
On one occasion, Kurt
rubbed the tint off the windshield
of a shiny red truck
with the ridged edge of a quarter;
Soren giggled several feet away
as he watched out for 5-0.
They had a long debate about stealing
loose change from the cup holder
of a Corvette—Soren thought it was unethical
but Kurt suggested that anyone with a Corvette
wouldn’t miss three dollars in nickels and dimes
and besides,
they could get breakfast burritos at sunrise.
Soren was away keeping guard as
Kurt rummaged through a Cadillac
so Kurt pocketed a CD,
Miles Davis’ greatest hits—
about time to introduce Soren to jazz.
At about 5:30 am
Kurt and Soren found a grassy hill
with all the stolen sunglasses in a pile
and watching the sun come over the horizon line
Kurt enjoyed an egg burrito
explaining the euphonics of jazz
and how if you sustain a wrong note long enough
it becomes right
Everyone else got into their cars
and for the first time
saw the sun