Climate Song (he beated off in a bible)

A Football soars between two flaming trees.
people start doing the YMCA or something.
One Hundred Wasps Look Through Your Open Hotel Room Door
(on route to the ice machine)
I am scratching my head with a pencil eraser thinking
sweating again in the waiting room
dunking rolls of toilet paper in septic water
assembly line again, pipes again,
life is fake or something again.
A Gust of Wind Blows a Bunch of Farts Out of the Dentist Office
I trade all my molars for a pearl necklace
A ghost club where all the ghosts chill
chill by the edge of the graveyard
looking at a kind of hilly road
looking from one side of a fence
looking between black metal fence posts
skinny dogs in an apartment somewhere
spray paint and graffiti everywhere, complaining
nagging art, scathing crime
a bunch of shit
like infinite shits
Everyocean sealed up with Everydesert
I’m shouting:
i’m a real air breather, that’s me, i’m a real sun gets shined onner, no mistake, no mistake, i get thirsty all the time, thirsty and even hungry too. in fact, some have called me a real clothes wearer.

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