It looks like I made this awesome list. 


The Hundred Days of Litmas by peterbd 

on the hundredth day of litmas
my true love gave to me:
tom fletcher (sans highlights) 
ninety-nine blessings from our lord and savior matthew baker thompson
christopher kelly’s stocking stuffers 
rachel hyman’s grace 
timothy sanders hella drunk
a non-loquacious daniel coffeen
a danceoff with stephanie georgopulos and robert kloss
dan bailey dressed as santa claus 
sean lovelace’s phone records
a one on one chat with jacob steinberg 
poncho peligroso’s real name 
rawiya kameir’s gangstress ways 
a weirded out taylor retzios 
a live performance from jason melton
david tomaloff (in one piece)
a portrait of frank hinton
a fist bump from bradley sands 
a jess dutschman easy bake oven
richard chiem angry and upset 
cameron gunthrie’s goons 
a straight to dvd film shot by david sorensen
seventy nine t-shirts with noah cicero’s face on them
a rollercoaster ride with brett gallagher 
tim jones-yelvington’s chutzpah
david fishkind’s feet 
some rock from travis mcfarland 
a jason hamm powerpoint presentation 
fred sasaki’s home 
used iamaparty face paint   
chad redden in chadasaurus form
ameliable’s first born 
a suitcase with matt margo in it
maureen sill’s patience 
a canadian flag from zach whalen
rick owen boots to give to mike kitchell 
swag on ‘em juice from patrick hinea 
the autobiography of sarah san 
an updated blog post from cody troyan 
a coupon to an andrew worthington reading
schuster as a statue 
a baby rebekah silverman 
peter vey’s liver 
justin carter’s internet persona
a cookie baked by dave shaw
carrie lorig’s brain
a ben brooks action figure 
cassandra troyan’s looks
@feeeeeeel’s weed
nsfw poetry by caro decarlo
pancho espinosa giving a stern look
fifty of mark thomas stevenson’s hair follicles
captain j. moses’ lifestyle
dinner and dessert with stace teagues
a victorian cathedral chair built by matthew savoca (from scratch)
a chill session with jacob sanders
tadd adcox’s youth
j.d.a winslow’s face
an edible brittany j wallace
beach sloth being incredible
jacob knabb’s afro
forty of stephen o’toole’s tears
mallory rose thomas’ mojo
a sober steve roggenbuck
chris killen doing hoodrat shit
a signed football from matt rowan and/or his spaghetti’s
alice may connolly in physical form
james payne’s advice on everything
will bechtold in gangster form
red newsom as a cartoon
a happy spencer madsen
hillary stone in drag
an extra jovial jellyfish
socrates adams as a slave      
blake west’s whereabouts
a racist mason johnson 
twenty five hugs from susie anderson 
a ras mashmarani cosign
giles ruffer wrapped in wrapping paper
meghan lamb’s charisma
glit glit dressed as santa
a handlingdoom postcard
jackson nieuwland rapping
stephen dierks as r. kelly
johnny vulpine’s recipes
a walter davis stache
lily dawn’s meth
russ woods’ library card
jimmy chen’s corpse
ana c in menswear
josh kleinberg a smoking
omar de col’s life
diana salier’s soul
shaun gannon owning
crispin best as chocolate
six elaine sun *sighs*
five james ass duncans
sam pink as quadruplets
miguel rual lectura de tres sonetos
mike a. young cloned
and a dj berndt in a bleak tree

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