Notes 3 (Holiday Special) (GRE Special)

1. TheFunWayToLearnVocab


3. the look of maintenance

4. Thing living in Christmas tree.

5. Christmas ghost?

6. magic/mushrooms\ driving/checking/out/holiday/lights\ fighting/dragons\

7. New life, living with ghost of Christmas in tree qua Christmas

8. Coffee abuse

9. 2012—new blog for robot surrealism (don’t steal my ideas)

10. Sondy, Mondy, Tues.

11. Fact: studying vocab gives me nightmares that take place on garbage barges.

12. Salt Vs. Fruit: The Semen Flavor Factor: An Essay of an Essay into Sex, Olfactory, and Flora

13. Mathematics is is such an unreasonable way to die

14.Being vs. Becoming vs. Drunk Driving

15. I’m doing #15 last

16. the most amount of things in your mouth + type of things = f(heaven space)

17. Alcoholic erudite arose from a black out drunk. All his study exercises were complete. He couldn’t remember doing any of them.

18. After the rose garden died, I hadn’t counted a single sunbeam.

19. The picture’s rightside up, it’s just winter.

20. The picture hangs with it’s right side up, it’s crooked.

21. The picture hangs on the wall in the room in the house in the town on the planet in space.

22. The picture hangs with the wrong crowd, smoking sess and holdin broccoli in his back pocket, flirtin with babes.

23. The picture hangs around after, waiting for the cake to be dispersed, the Holiday cake.

24. Holiday version of Lethal Weapon: Mel Gibson the Hanukah Destroyer: Lethal Santa: the spin off TV special

25. Notes 4

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