You’re chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

You: it’s sad that eventually our relationship will end

You: like everything

Stranger has disconnected.

Stranger: sex

You: sex!

Stranger: fuck me

You: okay

Stranger: u m?

You: i have the appropriate hair

You: if that’s what you’re wondering

Stranger has disconnected.

Stranger: Hiya!

You: nice

You: karate sounds

Stranger: lol

Stranger: age?

You: older and older

You: how specific do you want me to be.

You: just years?

Stranger: yea

You: oh 24

You: i’m 24

You: wow

You: it’s different to read it for the first time

Stranger: cool

You: yeah

You: it’s good you asked

You: thanks

You: you’ve been important to me tonight

Stranger: ok

Stranger: glad i could help

Stranger has disconnected.

working on an exhaustive list of intrinsic goods since we last spoke

"a lot of people look at me and smile

because they can tell i’m thinking about dancing”

a delight

when written under a pic:

my beard and teeth

on the first day of class, i, the teacher, walk in, let my giant textbook slam against the podium, take off my jacket, revealing my undershirt, a shiny yellow muscle T. i drop to the floor and began doing push ups—the class: silent—one hour and 19 minutes goes by. i stand up, look thirty people in the eyes at once, a bead of sweat crawls down my forehead. 

"you’ve been schooled."

then i walk out of the room as the bell rings—jacket slung over my shoulder.

It turns out poetry on the Internet is unhealthy. I’m much happier now guys. Being funny in real life. Love you guys. :-) :-) :-)

it’s some of Black Like Me

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