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Aug 08

hey, we won’t be posting on this blog anymore. however, one of the contributors has moved to if you have any interest. thanks! 

Dec 22

It’d be cool to make a blog.

thepowergame said: jason im listening to your podcast 5 months too late I actually miss you, I hope you are well in all ways. Shawm

Hello Shawn. I miss you too. You are very cool and I am alive and a happy stand up comedian in Chicago. Please be happy too. :-)

hopeannvalentine said: I love your "a mural for the hospital," you are very talented and thank you for sharing your words with the world. Keep on keeping on, xoxo

Hey bud. I haven’t been on here for a while. Thanks for reading my poem. You’re an expert cutie with a sturdy morality. :-)

Jul 09


Jul 08

hey baby. feel free to comment on my muscles or my unique energy

Jun 06

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

Stranger: Hey

You: oh

You: you’re heeeerrrreeee

Stranger: Yup

You: nice

You: good choice

You: you’re important

Stranger: Why.

Stranger: N

You: even though there are 19,742 strangers online, i think this is the best situation for you

Stranger: Oh…okay

You: yeah,

You: i’m definitely sure

Stranger: So f or m

You: i love science

You: like

Stranger: Me too

You: i think that science informs poetry

You: and i consider this poetry

You: and improvisational comedy

Stranger: Really u do, interesting

You: but really: we both know how existential this is

You: like if we really break it down, there’s elements of it that exist and are totally uninspected

You: and those elements are really important

You: and they aren’t existential at all

You: so i guess we can’t really say it’s existential

You: which is OK

Stranger: Okay u seem like a smart person

You: i updated itunes today

Stranger: Updated itunes, u work for itunes

You: naa

You: i installed the update

You: you know, on my pc

Stranger: Oh stupid me

Stranger: Ya i know

You: i never do anything blind folded

Stranger: Blind folded, well so do i

You: huh?

You: i can’t do any impressions

You: i do two

You: i do one of a guy who has never had a drink bought for him before

You: and i do a second one

You: of a guy who’s face is melting

Stranger: Face is melting

You: yeah

Stranger: Oh lovely

You: yeah

You: you have too many capital letters

You: it’s probably wearing down the soft tissue in your knuckles

Stranger: What?

You: i say: less shifting, more living

You: yeah

You: yeah

You: you’re gonna have trouble hitting those bar chords

You: baby

Stranger: That’s so weird

You: if i had to rate this conversation, it would be less than 5

You: i rate out of 4 stars

Stranger: Ya me too

You: i’d give this one star

Stranger has disconnected.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

Stranger: asl

You: if i didn’t have to breath ever again, idk if i’d rather live on the moon or underwater

You: you know, the moon, there’s jumping

You: underwater, there’s cool looking fish

You: you know?

Stranger: i know

Stranger: what going on

Stranger: asl

Stranger: m/f

You: not much, cool pal

Stranger: ya

You: i’ve done some corn dog work in my life

You: let’s be real

You: i was a dishwasher

You: i didn’t have any other options

Stranger: why

You: but my arms got really sick

You: with “allergic reaction”

You: ?

Stranger: what asl

You: idk

You: i guess, i just need an audience

You: it’s like— with the internet in place—

You: i can’t just be satisfied with the people closest to me

You: i need a large audience

Stranger: for what type audience

Stranger: u m/f

You: it’s like a weird game where i change some of my thoughts from invisible to visible

You: and what i really want is to change all of them to visible

Stranger: so sweat

Stranger: ok enjoy yourself

You: but i’m scared

You: if i change all my thoughts to visible—will i have any thoughts left

You: ?

Stranger: but u hv confidence

You: i realized—with the help of substance—that perspective is fragile

You: and one can make themselves confident

You: by thinking that they are

Stranger: yes

You: but at the same time, i have no idea where my thoughts come from

Stranger: if he tried in positively

Stranger: i know u do

You: so it’s like i had no control over the fact that i was not confident

You: and then i have no control over the fact that i willed myself to become confident

You: but all in all, i’m happier now

You: so as a spectator of my own mind, i feel positive about this correction

Stranger: it means first u have knowlede what u want to doing

Stranger: in npositivesense

Stranger: egnore negative points

You: i’m totally a man

Stranger: means

Stranger: ok bye

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

Stranger: 17 m Canada

You: it’s a good thing you can’t give away orphans through a chat room

You: am i right or am i right?

Stranger has disconnected.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

You: hey bud

You: hey bud

Stranger: hey.

Stranger: hey.

You: sup with your life

You: good life?

Stranger: and yours.

You: i mean

You: it’s good

You: it wasn’t always

You: i get these wild hairs on my upper arm

You: and there’s just nothing i can do about it

You: except draw some eyes above them and pretend like i have a bearded guy on my arm

Stranger: ok lol to funny😀😀😂😂😂😂😋😋😋

You: :-)
i’m making a bean pie right now

You: you know

You: people look at me

You: and they smile

Stranger: yup.

You: cuz they can tell i’m thinking about hugging soft stuff

You: like a tuba

You: i mean a smurf

You: idk

Stranger: lol or a cactus

You: lol is right

Stranger: jkjk that will hurt.

You: he he he

Stranger: hahahahaha

You: i do not want to hurt

You: ever

You: ha ha

Stranger: do you wanna here a clean joke.

You: yes please

Stranger: josh took a bath with bubbles.

Stranger: now wanna here a dirty joke.

Stranger: …

You: hehe

You: yes please

You: (had to check on my pie)

Stranger: bubbles was a man.

Stranger: lol I want some pie.

You: oh, it will be good. it has Indian spice

You: s

Stranger has disconnected.